Sophisticated Investor/Licensed Fund

If you qualify as an Exempt Investor and you have a mandate to invest in and support impact-focused ventures to help them scale for people, planet and prosperity, you are welcome to apply to open an account as an Investor user.

An individual or entity will be an Exempt Investor for the purposes of this Agreement and the Platform if they are an institutional, sophisticated, professional or wholesale investor (howsoever described under applicable securities laws) who is permitted to invest in Ventures without contravening any applicable legal or regulatory restriction and in relation to whom regulated disclosures, registration or other regulatory requirement are not required or are otherwise applicable in connection with any advice, dealing, invitation, offer or issue of securities in the jurisdiction in which they reside under all securities laws which apply to them. Investors must carefully consider whether they qualify as an Exempt Investor.

EarthTech is not responsible for and does not verify whether you are an Exempt Investor. Investors must ensure that at all times while they use the Services they qualify as an Exempt Investor. Investor users may articulate their investment mandate/s within the platform and receive alerts as and when ventures who align to your mandate establish a profile or update their information, which has key revenue/ customer/ impact results. You may review the information presented by the venture, invite your investment committee into the platform to help review ventures and reach out to ventures to set up a meeting, with an agenda customizable by you. All due diligence, negotiations and completion any transactions are your responsibility.

By opening an account and using the Platform or this website as an Investor, you agree and acknowledge that you are an Exempt Investor.