The EarthTech Pledge

Our planet and our species are under threat. Developed nations have caused much of the devastation and inequity. If our generation does not act and act fast, we will be responsible for leaving our planet in worse shape, threatening the happiness, lives and livelihoods of the next generation.

Ensuring a sustainable future for people and planet requires unprecedented and ambitious levels of action from all sectors of society.

As an investor, entrepreneur, individual or a firm, we recognise the unique role we play in driving the world towards a more sustainable future. We recognise the role that responsible, ethical and sustainable capital and innovation plays in addressing the climate crisis and assisting the world in its transition to a deeply decarbonised and equitable economy.

We know that innovation springs from all parts of the world, and recognise that adequate capital needs to be accessible to all – not just pooled in certain regions or nations. We recognise the need to also foster innovation within emerging markets, which are the very markets most affected by the multiple crises affecting the planet today.

We recognise that we are stewards of the environment – and that our environment fosters and supports millions of lives globally. We know that where we place our money matters.

We recognise that First Nations people everywhere have played a critical role in the stewardship of the planet and sustaining life on Earth for millennia.

Above all, we recognise the need to put humanity first.